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Year round destination imageYear round destination

Why not to go off traditional limits and travel to ...Nizhniy Novgorod on the Volga River? One of the most interesting and yet undiscovered places with long and rich history, this centre of national crafts and Volga river summer navigation attraction is in fact a year round destination thanks to its cultural heritage, arts, beautiful nature and nice people.

Kremlin imageKremlin

Nizhniy Novgorod is lucky to host one of the most beautiful provincial Kremlins built on high Volga river banks. Apparently, you will get the compete set of Russian's attractions: the Kremlin, the State Art Museum with a collection of icons and national crafts dated back to XIV century, wooden architecture on streets and an open-air museum of traditional architecture and cultures, beautiful churches, ancient monasteries, great traditional Russian food and heartly people. Plus you bonuses: no traffic jams like in main cities, no crowds and cable car crossing one of the world's lardest Volga river during a spectacular 13-minutes ride!

Bogorodskoe toys imageBogorodskoe toys

The area around the city is famous for the highest concentration of traditional crafts. Though the entire NN province occupies only 0.45% of the Russian land territory, it keeps 1/3 of ancient folk crafts of the entire Russian heritage. Nizhniy Novgorod was a very important trade center, not surprisingly that many craft centers appeared in a close proximity to one of the biggest Russian trade fairs.

Kazakovsky filigree imageKazakovsky filigree

Enjoy bright, cheerful Khokhloma painting on wood and intricate Polkhovo-Maidan painting, exquisite chests of Kazakovsky filigree and Gorodetsky painting boxes, unique carved samples from a bone from Varnavino village and art of woodcarving and Pavlovo knives - they are all equally unique and brilliant and are still made according to the ancient traditions. Here production skills are passed from a father to a son and from a mother to a daughter for hundreds of years.

Volga River cable car imageVolga River cable car

Cross Europe's longest river on Europe's longest cable car! This is authentic and precious cultural heritage of Nizhny Novgorod region and the entire Russia, acquaintance to which will be interesting idea for your Russian trip. You can choose some of them or take the “around NN” trip to cover them all in intense 4-5 days voyage. Board the train on Day 6 evening and continue your journey to the East. Train ride to Ekaterinburg will take about 20-22 hours.

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