Trans-Mongolian from Moscow to Beijing (or vice versa!)

From: BeijingTo: MoscowTour Type: group or private Season: January - DecemberDuration: 17 daysSeason: January - DecemberGrade: EasyTour suitable for any age and level of fitness.Rate from $3,774 USD per person

The Trans-Mongolian railway is an ancient tea-caravan route, connecting China with Russia via Mongolia. This is a LEGO-STYLE TOUR. You choose the places, activities and attractions, we arrange it as one smooth-running epic journey. Check out other train tours here This is hop on/hop off train tour. We customize tours on request.

  • You will have a chance to see three unique civilizations during this lifetime journey!

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This is the suggested itinerary only and you're totally flexible to amend it. Once you check out from the train at any city for a sightseeing tour, you overnight in a hotel and catch the next train in a day or two - depending on time table and activities planned for you. This is not liveaboard and scheduled departure tour, you will need to check in/out every time from train to hotel. Contact your Discovery Russia Travel Specialist to work out YOUR program based on your interests, do what you really want to do and see what you really want to see while you travel by the world's longest railroad!

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Dates & rates

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Cessna-172S flight image

Cessna-172S flight

A great idea to surprise your party! If you are travelling as couple and have a date to celebrate, or just feeling blue - take a flight over Moscow on Cessnta-172S!

Extra cost, pp: $326 USD

Bunker-42 Nuclear Forces Center image

Bunker-42 Nuclear Forces Center

Visit the command post of Long-range air force (Strategic nuclear forces of Soviet Union), a town down under, 65 meters below the gound level right in the heart of Moscow! See the table where the Cuban missileCrisis was resolved and classifed Russian military equipment: No photos in restricted areas!

Extra cost, pp: $54 USD

Stalin’s “DATCHA” and WWII museum image

Stalin’s “DATCHA” and WWII museum

This was the place where Stalin lived for over twenty years, the place that saw many famous people and so many historic decisions made within these modest walls surrounded by a high, green fence. And the place where Stalin died. Visit to nearby Poklonnaya Hill which has a great open air military museum

Extra cost, pp: $193 USD

Ride the famous T-55 or T-62  tank in Moscow image

Ride the famous T-55 or T-62 tank in Moscow

If you are interested in the history of tanks, or simply want to know more about this world-famous Russian feature, just go on a test drive! We are sure that you will like the van. Allow at least half a day for this tour as we go outside of the city to special military fields.

Extra cost, pp: $1,451 USD

Explore Urals behind Ekaterinburg image

Explore Urals behind Ekaterinburg

Day tour to Nevyansk, the first town-plant on the Ural, full of mysteries and legends. Continue to Byngi, an old Old Believer settlement keeps the ancient traditions. Finally, Nizhnye Tavolgi is famous for its folk craft and art of the manufacture of ceramic murals. You can make your own Russian potter here!

Extra cost, pp: $322 USD



  • 2nd class railway tickets for the route. Upgrade is possible at extra charge

  • Selected accommodation in the towns

  • Excursions as per program

  • Transfers as per your tailor-made itinerary

  • English-speaking guides in the cities and towns where you hop off

  • Our 24/7 support line in Russia (English-speaking)

  • Russian, Mongolian and Chinese visa support documents

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