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Bogorodsky wooden toys imageBogorodsky wooden toys

Full day guided tour with transportation as we explore the area around the city , famous for the highest concentration of traditional crafts. Though the entire Nizhny Novgorod province occupies only 0.45% of the Russian land territory, it keeps 1/3 of ancient folk crafts of the entire Russian heritage. Nizhny Novgorod was a very important trade center, not surprisingly many craft centers evrngually appeared in a close proximity to one of the biggest Russian trade fairs.

Kazakovo metal lace imageKazakovo metal lace

Enjoy bright, cheerful Khokhloma painting on wood and intricate Polkhovo-Maidan painting, exquisite chests of Kazakovsky filigree and Gorodetsky painting boxes, unique carved samples from a bone from Varnavino village and art of woodcarving and Pavlovo knives - they are all equally unique and brilliant and are still made according to the ancient traditions. Here production skills are passed from a father to a son and from a mother to a daughter for hundreds of years.

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