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Irkutsk imageIrkutsk

Irkutsk is located on the banks of the mighty Angara river and was once used as a place of exile for revolutionary noble men from St. Petersburg and Moscow, for their participation in riots or civil disobedience. The biggest in Irkutks’ history new arrival happened after the famous Decemberists riot against the tsar in December 1825 where some of high-profile rebels ended up travelling to Siberia with wives and families. Decembriest aimed to eliminate the monarchy in Russia.

Irkutsk, the de facto capital of Eastern Siberia, was founded in the middle of the XVII century. The town is famous for its wooden houses and wooden lace perfectly preserved. In fact, the Irkutsk historic centre is one huge open air museum!

the Ice Breaker Angara Museum imagethe Ice Breaker Angara Museum

A completely unique place to visit, the Ice Breaker Angara Museum is one of Irkutsk's most unusual monuments/museums. The Angara is the only surviving icebreakers ship in Russia. Dating between 1898 and 1905, it is one of the oldest icebreakers in the world. After extensive restoration, the History of Navigation on Lake Baikal Museum opened in the year 1991 right on the icebreaker! On display are models of the Baikal ships, historical photographs and documents relating to the Angara.

130 Quarter, Irkutsk image130 Quarter, Irkutsk

We shall also visit Cathedral of Epiphany - one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in the world and 130 Quarter – traditional restored Siberian street. Overnigh in a hotel.

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