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Old Believers village imageOld Believers village

Day Schedule

➤ Breakfast

➤ Transfer to old believers village, 140 km

➤ Lunch

➤ Meet real Siberian old believers

➤ Dinner &evening fireplace gathering

➤ Real Siberian banya - far away from civilization

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It is just 3 hours drive to Erjey settlement of old believers where we will stay in traditional cedar wood houses. After lunch, with the help of our landlady, we will isit old believers and learn about this truly unique Russian Siberian people, those ancestors fled from the Tsar's governance centuries ago and who still maintain traditional way of life. It is really impressive to see ancient Russia and its spirit here, in the very depths of Asia!

Back to basics imageBack to basics

Please note there are no shower, so today we have real Siberian banya. Please note there is no cell phone coverage in the area.

The locals imageThe locals

Always persecuted, the owners of the taiga do not immediately make contact with strangers. They do not have passports and "devil's numbers" like taxpayer identification. Their life is simple and includes daily hard work - cleaning hay, fish, picking berries and mushrooms, harvesting firewood and brushwood, collecting moss and helping to build a house. Strong and independent, good-natured and hardworking people opened up, whose happiness is in love for God, children and nature. It is believed there are about 2 million (!!) old believers residing along the Siberian rivers.

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