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Sacred Hayyrakan & Valley of the Kigs II

Hayyrakan sacred mountain imageHayyrakan sacred mountain

Day Schedule

➤ Breakfast and check-out

➤ On our way to Tuva (430 km)

➤ Mountain Pass Sotyi (2216 m), border of Khakassia and Tuva

➤ Lunch en-route

➤ Hayyrakan sacred mountain

➤ Accommodation in Kyzyl, 4* Azimut hotel

➤ Dinner

Sayansky Pass, 2206 meters above sea level imageSayansky Pass, 2206 meters above sea level

Tuva is the only region of Russia where shamanism in the Soviet period almost did not suffer, moreover, both in the USSR and now, it is supported at the state level. Shamanic clinic in the center of Kyzyl, shamanic associations, communities and widespread shamanic practices and rituals - everything that is exotic for travelers, for local is a traditional part of life.

As we already know, Khakass and Tuvans believe that any phenomena or objects of nature have their own deity or spirit; the well-being of a person, in particular, the success of a trip, depends on whether he will be able to "negotiate" with spirits when crossing the borders of territories. Participants in the rites decorated the walls of the "house of the spirit" with rock drawings, installed sacred convoys - sarchyn, donated food and tied ribbons - chalam. So on the Sayan Pass there are Khakass "obaa" and Tuvan "ovaa," so that each traveler can ask the spirits of the mountains for protection along the travel path. These are small stone pyramids that are folded during special road rites. We will also make our small donation to make sure our trip continues safe and sound.

Stunning Tuva imageStunning Tuva

Tuva has always been famous among travellers as "land of power" thanks to unusual feeling of energy literally spread around everywhere. Just a few days here recharge your body and soul, restore health at both the physical and mental levels. However, there are certain places that stand out even here in mysterious Tuva.

For Tuvans, Mount Hayyrakan ("bear" from the Tuvan language) is a sacred place. The mountain was named after the shamanic belief - the God of this mountain, which infused a bear. It is located between the city of Shagonar and the village of Hayyrakan, an hour from the capital of Tuva, the city of Kyzyl. The mountain is striking in size, steep steep cliffs with many caves and grottoes. Altitude 1042 m. Numerous legends and myths surround this place.

Interesting historical fact: it was back in IXth (!!) century when Dalai Lama first visited Tuva, and the first place he went to was Hayyrakan mountain. We arrive late evening to our comfy 4* Azimut hotel in Kyzyl.

Tuvan Kings Valley imageTuvan Kings Valley

Time & weather permitting, we will take a side-off drive to Tuvan Valley of the Kings. Tomorrow we will see most the the local finding in the National Museum, but the place itself is stunning with its grandless and simplicity. Tuva warriors were the cruelest of Genghis Khan army. Chengis Khan is believed to be born somewhere here and spent a few years in Sayan mountains learning secrets of a local tengian cult.

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