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Lenin's house imageLenin's house

Day Schedule

➤ Breakfast and check-out

➤Transfer to Shushenskoe (90 km)

➤ Tour in the village

➤ Siberian Lunch

➤ Photos in traditional costumes

➤ Сossack performance

➤ Overnight in restored Siberian wooden houses

➤ Siberian dinner

➤ Optional Banya

Shushenskoe imageShushenskoe

A tour of the museum introduces visitors to the life of Siberian peasants at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. During the excursion, houses, estates of Siberian peasants of various affluence are visited, they get acquainted with their traditional classes of agriculture and cattle breeding, crafts and crafts, with their ritual and festive culture.

The sightseeing route also includes a visit to the building of the volost government with a prison, a public drinking establishment and a shopping shop. Excursionists are invited to inspect the memorial situation in the houses where V.I. Lenin lived during the years of Siberian exile.

Cossak performance imageCossak performance

Enjoy traditional Siberian lunch and "Siberian merchant" dinner. We also invited a local cossack band to perform today and to introduce you to the Siberian Cossack culture. Don't miss a chance to see the other side of Siberia. With these high fences and wide streets, real peasant estates, a village shop, a tavern, a forge, and even a local prison, imagine what the life here was 150 years ago. Everything is real: a furnace, a polati and knocking with a wooden spoon requesting your dinner to be served on a wooden table...Today, we travel back in time.

Unique Siberian museum imageUnique Siberian museum

Feel yourself real Russian - or, a Russian in a Siberian exile, when you freshen up with traditional Kvas in a tavern. Cinnamon sbiten is especially delicious, not to mention local pancakes. During Tsars' time, every political prisoner got 8 rubles per month when serving a term here and you could buy a cow on this amount.

House to stay imageHouse to stay

Some items in Shushenskoe are truly genuine - like a reed pen Lenin used to write his famous book "The Development of Capitalism in Russia," it was donated to tthe museum by his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya. Then we will drive to see a few of Lenin's most favourite spots of the area (7km).

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