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Sviyazhsk isalnd and Raifa monastery

Sviyazhsk island imageSviyazhsk island

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➤Temple of All Religions

➤Raifa monastery

➤Sviyazsk island tour

➤Transfer back to the hotel

Temple of All Religions imageTemple of All Religions

To start, visit the Universal Temple, a unique monument on Earth with an extraordinary architecture inspired by different religions. You will find a mosque, a synagogue, and Orthodox, Catholic and Buddhist temples. The building's enclosure is a symbol of the perfect blend of religions, civilizations and cultures that animates Kazan.

Raifa monastery imageRaifa monastery

Further away from Kazan, you will visit the Raifa Virgin Monastery, on the shores of a beautiful lake. In this place, built over several centuries, there is a 17th-century relic bearing the effigy of the Blessed Virgin and a sacred water source by the Patriarch of Moscow and Russia. Those who will have empty bottles will be able to fill them for free with saint water.

Assumption Cathedral and Monastery imageAssumption Cathedral and Monastery

Discover the unique history of Sviyazhsk island as the place has hardly changed over the last century. With no fewer than 37 cultural monuments on the island, including two monasteries and seven churches, it’s next to impossible to explore everything at this historic and scenic island, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pearl of the collection is the Trinity Church – the only preserved wooden church in Sviyazhsk from the times of Ivan the Terrible (XVI century). It was built without a single nail and the axe marks made by the Yaroslavl carpenters can still be seen.

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