Day 8, Stone Mushrooms and Teletskoe Lake

Stone Mushrooms imageStone Mushrooms

Early breakfast. We will do a moderate hike to the Karasu river ravine to see a unique natural object— the “Stone Mushrooms”; cones rising above the slope of the valley on the tops of which, as if by magic, lay huge rocky plates. The foundation of the cone is rather friable sandstone. Some “mushrooms” rise above the slope up to 10 or more metres. The great majesty and beauty of nature is felt most in the areas like this, where you will hardly see any signs of civilisation for many kilometres around. Comfortable trekking shoes are recommended.

Teletskoe Lake imageTeletskoe Lake

After lunch we will drive to Teletskoye Lake to Cape Kyrsay. Stay at eco lodge, dinner. Russian banya (bath-house).

Teletskoe Lake imageTeletskoe Lake

Teletskoe Lake is the most beautiful and famous in Altai region.

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