Day 6, Ulagan Gates and Chulyshman River

Ulagan imageUlagan

Next, we'll pass the natural monument Red Gates, where the road goes through a narrow passageway between two rocks of reddish color; then we’ll reach Chjejbekkol (Dead) Lake and Uzunkol (Live) Lake, teeming with fish.

Katu-Yaryk Pass imageKatu-Yaryk Pass

Descent from the Katu-Yaryk pass to the Chulyshman River. We go down by a narrow serpentine road, carved directly into the hillside. With a slope on the right, and a fall of several hundred metres on the left; we will walk down the valley and our luggage will be carried by a van.

the Chulyshman valley imagethe Chulyshman valley

Enjoy the magnificent views of the Chulyshman valley and waterfalls of a hundred metres in height. The Chulyshman valley is one of the most beautiful places in Altai and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will make our arrival in the eco camp “Ezen” in the Chulyshman Valley.

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