Chuysky Tract imageChuysky Tract

Keep going along the Chuysky Tract—part of the ancient Silk Road—toward the Mongolian border near the highest peaks: Actry-Bash (4075 m) and Karatash (3534 m).

Geyser Lake imageGeyser Lake

We will take a short and easy hike to the picturesque geyser lake. The lake is the only one of its kind in the Altai—a rare beauty: clean; unfrozen, even in winter; and an amazing turquoise colour. On the mirror of the lake can be seen reflections of the processes taking place at the bottom of the lake. There, in the mysterious depths, from time to time "geysers" come to life, throwing on the surface a mixture of bluish clay and sand that form visible concentric circles at the bottom. Afterwards, we’ll return to our base camp.

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