Day 4, The Valley, the Pass and the Petroglyphs

Karakol Valley imageKarakol Valley

Karakol Valley is believed to be a sacred place among the natives. They believe the ancient monuments of the valley represent an informational code to the laws of the universe. The people of the valley believe they are spiritually connected with nature and their homeland.

Chike-Taman pass imageChike-Taman pass

There is a decent number of archeological monuments in the valley: stellas, or stelae; stone fences; Tumuli with balbals—the main part of them faces Uch-Enmek peak. We will visit the Bashadar Tumuli group, a very special sacred place. Geomagnetic waves do not behave according to any rules here—maybe the legends of the Altai people are right? Who knows?

Chike-Taman pass imageChike-Taman pass

We drive to the conflux of the two rivers, the Katun and the Chuya. On the way we pass Chike-Taman mountain pass (1295 metres above sea level). Then we’ll visit Kalbak-Tash Hole and we’ll see rock paintings—petroglyphs. More than 500 formations are present, with more than five thousand pictures, drawn on the rocky, flattened elevation, situated across the valley of the Chuya River. The petroglyphs are all carved with stone or metal tools, using a dotted pattern. The most ancient of the pictures date back to the eighth century BC.

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