A local singer imageA local singer

We’ll keep driving along the Chuysky Tract through its highest point, Seminsky Pass (1739 m above the sea level), and we will reach ethno-cultural park “Uch-Enmeck”, to tour around and see how locals lived centuries ago.

Karakol valley imageKarakol valley

Drive further to the Karakol river. Accommodation is in eco lodge “Karakol” with four-bed felt yurts or ails. Facilities are outdoor. Traditional cuisine will be served for dinner.

Karakol Valley imageKarakol Valley

Archi is a cultured dairy product, which tastes very much like yogurt; Altai cheese Kurot is made of goat’s milk; Talhan—a specially processed wheat mixed with butter and honey and shaped into balls.

Throat singing performance imageThroat singing performance

Late in the evening by the light of the fire and under the bright stars you will enjoy a folk program with throat singing and national musical instruments. This performance is the best way to experience the true spirit of Altai people and feel their devotion to this land and their heritage. Coming back to your ail, you will feel like you are traveling in a time-machine back through the ages. Before going to sleep, the Altai make a fire in the center of the ail, and the smoke exits through a hole in the roof. Ancient Altai household decorations create a special flavor and evoke the spirit of the time.

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