Chemal imageChemal

Spend the morning on the “Chemal walk”. During the tour we will visit the Chemal hydroelectric power station, which is located in the southern part of the village. This hydroelectric power plant is one of the first in the region, and was built in 1935. Go along the river Katun to a tiny rocky island Patmos, to visit an old monastery. The island is connected with the river banks by a suspension bridge.

"Kedr" eco lodge image"Kedr" eco lodge

Take a tour to the national Altai dwelling- an "Ail". During your visit to Ail you can experience the atmosphere of the tenth to the thirteenth centuries; you can travel back in time and get acquainted with the way of life, traditions, customs, culture, history and pagan religion of the Altai nomadic tribes. After lunch at "Kedr" eco-lodge, take a tour to Oroktoiski bridge to the narrowest and deepest place on the Katun river. On the way we will visit the tract Che-Chkysh, and take a short climb along the creek to reach a viewing platform. We’ll then return to the lodge for dinner and to spend the night.

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