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Suzdal imageSuzdal

During the tour in Suzdal you will see the brilliant architectural complex of the Suzdal Kremlin and its gem - the beautiful Chamber of the Christ, explore the ensemble of the Monastery of Saint Euthymius. And of course, we will try "medovukha" - famous Russian soft drink based on honey. Suzdal produces the very best one!

Suzdal imageSuzdal

Suzdal is said to be the reflection of the Russian soul. It is one of the most beautiful ancient small Russian towns.

Medovukha imageMedovukha

We also visit the famous Museum of Wooden Architecture. Here you can see ancient Russia and learn about the traditional rural way of life. Proceed to Kostroma town (190 km).

Our tourists near Ipatyev Monastery, Kostroma imageOur tourists near Ipatyev Monastery, Kostroma

Kostroma is the furthest from Moscow (344 km) and therefore the least visited city of the Golden Ring. It is located on the Volga River, and the high banks offer impressive views of the Volga expanses.

One of the most significant places in Kostroma is the Ipatiev Monastery. It is known as the “cradle of the tsarist dynasty”. Once, it was here that the founder of the Romanov dynasty, Mikhail Romanov, hid from his enemies, while his coronation ceremony took place in the Trinity Cathedral of the monastery.

Subsequently, the royal family often visited the Ipatiev Monastery and presented it with rich gifts. Today, they can be seen in the monastery’s museum.

The Museum of Flax and Birch Bark, Kostroma imageThe Museum of Flax and Birch Bark, Kostroma

We shall also visit the Museum of Flax and Birch Bark. “Kostroma – the land of flax” is the title of the exhibition which shows ancient and modern fabrics and clothes, and illustrates the detailed processing of flax. The second hall of the museum is called “Fairy-tales in Birch Bark”. The central place of the exhibition is the unique collection of Russian fairy-tales in birch bark. In the exhibition hall, you can not only see the works made by craftsmen from Kostroma but also buy the things that you like.

Continue on to Yaroslavl, where we shall spend the next night.

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