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Day Schedule:Krasnoyarsk city tour

➤Arrival at Krasnoyarsk

➤Transfer to the hotel in the downtown

➤The chapel of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnits

➤Communal Bridge

➤Krasnoyarsk dam (Hydroelectric Power Station)


About Krasnoyarsk. Culture and sights

There are a number of local holidays celebrated annually in Krasnoyarsk. The most significant holiday is the Day of the City celebrated in June, usually with a carnival. Other holidays and cultural events are the Mana Festival (the celebrations take place on the outside of town, on the bank of river Mana) usually held on the last weekend in June with the traditional bard contest, the International Museum Biennale traditionally held in the Krasnoyarsk Cultural/Historical Center, the avant-garde Museum Night festival dedicated to the International Museum Day, the Jazz on Yenisey festival, the Stolbist Day held many times a year celebrating the traditions of mountain climbing in the Stolby national reserve, and the Bikers' Rally.

Guided city tour in the afternoon includes the most significant local highlights which are featured on the Russian money – 10-ruble banknote. These are the chapel of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, Communal Bridge and the Krasnoyarsk dam (Hydroelectric Power Station).

Ranked 15th in the top 20 largest power producing facilities in the world, Krasnyarsky DAM at Yenisey River. has the channel upstream at 243 meters above the sea level and the channel downstream 141,7 – 152,5 meters above the sea level. The reservoir is 400 km long, 15 km wide and 100 m deep.

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