Seydozero, midseason imageSeydozero, midseason

This lake located in the massif of the Lovozersky tundra is famous as mystical and mysterious place. It is considered a cradle of Giperborei, the ancient disappeared civilization inseparably linked with mythical stories and magic knowledge. Legends says that the ancient city of the Lappish shamans is now hidden from people’s eyes.

Russian North imageRussian North

Remember, that Northern Lights do not actually have a "season". You can observe it from August till March in good night conditions. Aurumn and early spring can be as good timing as the winter.

During the excursion on Seydozero you will surely get acquainted with one of the main sights of this place — Kuyva, a bas-relief of natural origin about 70 meters high. On a legend of Sami, Kuyva is a giant who lived in ancient times in the Lovozersky tundra. The giant plundered and killed Sami and was punished by the Lappish pagan gods – "is burned by lightning which have struck from lake waters".

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