Winter Palace, winter view imageWinter Palace, winter view

Full day guided tour (8 hours)

Today you visit one of the most important sites in Russian history and heritage, the world-famous palace of the Hermitage. Your guide will make it interesting to follow the tricky path of the centuries behind it and give you a better understanding of sophisticated Russian history.

St Isaac's Cathedral in winter imageSt Isaac's Cathedral in winter

Lunch will be in a local bistro, “stolovaya” where you can try traditional Russian food (meals not included).

We will take a short walk to see the city’s iconic landmark: Isaac Cathedral and Kazan Cathedral, and Church of the Spilled Blood.

We provide you with a local SIM card bundled with data, so you are free to amaze your family and friends with pictures of what you’re doing in the middle of the Russian winter.

Faberge Egg imageFaberge Egg

We devote this second half of this day to Faberge Museum and visit the unique Faberge Eggs Collection - St. Petersburg’s first Fabergé Museum. The museum has some 4,000 exhibits, displayed in 12 beautifully restored rooms according to type and history. Absolute must see!

Since 2013 the lavish 18th century Shuvalov Palace has been the home of Museum Fabergé and holds the world’s largest collection of Fabergé eggs. The Faberge museum, standing on the embankment of the Fontanka River, serves as a living link to the imperial history of both St. Petersburg and Russia.

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