Aurora Borealis imageAurora Borealis

Transfer to Lovozero village (270 km, 4-5 hours drive). Cruise to the tourist village Ulinskaya Salma (3* property) across the Lake or transfer to our sweet 4* home Northern Pearl located 12 kilometers from Lovozero village. In both options, you will enjoy premium location and cozy eco-friendly accommodation in the wooden lodges.

Walking, mountaineering and water tours (seasonal) at the same time, as well as great fishing (ice fishing in winter). In this weather –dependent region your plans may always be changed due to sudden snow storm or rain, and here, at the border of forest and tundra, near lakes, rivers and beautiful forest trails where is always a place for an activity.

Winter fun imageWinter fun

Lovosero is the top destination of Kola Peninsula for Aurora Borealis viewing, there are very high chances to observe it directly at the eco lodges. However we recommend to spend at least 3 nights here to maximize the chances of Aurora Borealis viewing, and due to remoteness of the location.

Aurora Borealis imageAurora Borealis

NOTE: clear skies and solar activity are the critical conditions to watch Aurora Borealis, best timing is from 8:00 pm till 2:00 am.


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