• journey with a russia expert

    Nobody knows the country better than locals. Our tours are designed by the most knowledgeable experts in Russia as a destination. Meet locals and travel with locals to get that that essential Russian experience. And there’s more: pick your subject… rich Russian history? Modern art? Fishing? Space? We’ll work out a tailor-made itinerary with the expert guidance.
  • safety

    Your safety during the trip is our primary concern when you travel with Discovery Russia. We take care of you from the moment your plane lands at the airport and until we say our farewells. Our guides, drivers and local team are available 24 hours to assist you with any matters arising. And comprehensive travel insurance is included in the tour costs.
  • high tech travel

    When travelling with Discovery Russia, you’re never tied down by your confirmed itinerary. We at Discovery Russia travel extensively and we know what it’s like to discover something amazing along the way. With our high tech approach to travel we can book any extra flights, rail tickets, cities, sightseeing and adventures that take your fancy while you travel!

  • 24/7 support

    Call our 24/7 line, chat online with your destination expert, or message us via SMS or Facebook about your idea and you could have your new booking confirmation to your local mobile phone within minutes.
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