Bunker-42 Nuclear Forces Center

Season: January-DecemberMinimum: 1 personsDuration: 3 hoursTransfer: not includedRate: 54 USD

Visit the command post of Long-range air force (Strategic nuclear forces of Soviet Union), a town down under, 65 meters below the gound level right in the heart of Moscow! See the table where the Cuban missileCrisis was resolved and classifed Russian military equipment: No photos in restricted areas!
Here is the place where Carribean crisis was developing and the world was at the blink of the WWIII. The bunker is protected from all types of destructions caused by a nuclear attack. You will learn how staff members worked and lived at that period of time and which unique techonlogies were used to construct the center. You will see a documentary about the Cold War ,which were strictly secret several years ago. Moreover, our exclusive special effects will demonstrate you an imitation of a nuclear bomb explosion and the launch of a nuclear missile.
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